The Learning Objects on this site are available for download. Please note Adobe Reader is required to view these downloads. Click on a link below to download the corresponding Learning Object.

Healthy Living Public Service Announcement (31MB)

Bringing Language to the Big Screen (14MB)

Graphic Tales of Crime in Medieval Times (14MB)

Commercials Using iMovie (13MB)

Podcasting in the Classroom (45MB)

Non-Fiction Writing: Digital Persuasive Storytelling (20MB)

Developing Cultural Connections Through Digital Media (25MB)

We Can Say It, We Can Write It, We Can Read It (17MB)

Digital Video News Broadcast: Discovering Language Through Media (29MB)

Wiki world – Creating a Digital Classroom to Develop Teamwork and Thinking (24MB)

Filmmaking – Public Service Announcements – Making A Difference (10MB)

Developing Critical Thinking and Writing Skills using Wikispaces (24MB)