Provides simple instructions on the process of how to create a podcast. A variety of resources are available; audacity tutorial, podcast media creation.

Featured in about.com, it explains the steps involved in creating podcasts.

In addition, a variety of additional links and resources may be of interest:

Provides links and tutorials on how educators are using podcasting.

Provides numerous links to sites featuring educational uses of podcasting.

A video tutorial on what a podcast is for North Illinois University

Provides simple and clear overview of podcasting for educators. Additional links and lesson plans for other portable media devices are listed. Provides excellent ideas for integrating podcasting in the classroom with a number of interesting lesson plans.

A very good booklet and podcast written for educators.

Media Literacy

A Canadian website that provides a number of articles, research and lesson plans dealing with media literacy issues, and is an valuable resource.

Provides relevant and thorough resources dealing with media literacy and education.

The Journal of Media Literacy Education provides research on media literacy in education.

A valuable resource from PBS with videos and links for teaching media literacy in the classroom.

Province of Ontario – Ministry of Education

Curriculum Services Canada has a variety of video podcast and educational resources for educators across all divisions.

Link to a Webcast on how to engage boys in learning. The same site provides excellent examples on the use of media to help students construct understanding.

Webcast on critical literacy in the classroom. Classroom video examples on deconstructing text are provided as well as commentaries from researchers on critical literacy.

A Webcast dealing with non-fiction writing in the classroom, providing practical examples of best practices in the classroom.

Think Literacy: Cross-Curricular Approaches, Grades 7 – 12 is a Ministry document on critical literacy in Intermediate and Senior Grades.

Film & Media Studies in the Classroom

The National Film Board of Canada website for educators provides a selection of films, lesson plans and other resources for educators.

The Story of Movies is a website with lesson plans and other resources for teacher integrating film/movies in the classroom.

Provides an extensive list of links to a variety of media topics, including; media literacy, consumerism, body image, and movie making.

A UNICEF website featuring media activities by and for children.

Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling in the Language Arts Classroom

The World of Digital Storytelling – Jason Ohler, ASCD 2005

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling – Bernard R. Robin

Creating Digital Documentaries in the Social Studies Classroom

Websites with Articles:

Digital Storytelling Part 1 ( website) – Jason Ohler
Sponsored by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia is a website with numerous tools and resources for teachers:

Microsoft Digital Storytelling
Educators can download a .pdf document that provides Digital Storytelling strategies using Microsoft PowerPoint, Movie Maker and PhotoStory. A good list is provided of which Microsoft software is suitable for what digital literacy strategy.

Integrating Digital Storytelling into your Classroom Practice
A variety of different resources for classroom teachers.

Adobe Digital School Collection
Adobe is developer of Photoshop, Flash, Premiere and many other media centered software. This website provides resources, including lesson plans, centered on Adobe’s software.

Web English Teacher
Provides a number of links on Digital Storytelling.

Apple Learning Interchange
Resources and links for educators from Apple Computer.